Passionate designer dedicated to creating customer-focused digital products, aligning with business goals. I continuously aim to enhance the user experience, emphasising the importance of behavioural science in my approach. Committed to product testing as a crucial element, I strive to deliver quality work that exceeds expectations.
Current Role - Product Designer at Marks and Spencer 
As a Product Designer at Marks and Spencer, I leverage customer data and insights to drive the design process. I foster team engagement through workshops, create user journey maps and wireframes for interactive design, and design user interfaces for web, mobile, and digital experiences. I actively contribute to the M&S design system, maintain brand relationships, and collaborate seamlessly with Engineering, Delivery, and Product Management teams. My role involves prototyping ideas, assisting developers with assets, and supporting business goals and the OKR process.​​​​​​​
Core skills 
Stakeholder management
Persona definition
Competitor analysis
Workshop facilitation
User flow creation
Experience workshops leadership
Design sprint, prototyping, and iteration
User testing and feedback analysis
Visual design and handover
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