12 Days Of M&S
Marketing campaign page 
The Team:
Christian Mtima: Product designer
Kofi D: Front-end developer 
Chloe L: Marketing manager
Tailoring region-specific pages, boosting app downloads, and emphasising user sign-ups for the "12 Days of M&S" promotion.
Focused on app downloads with an extra day offer. Clear messaging, strategic calls-to-action, and an exclusive app user benefit. Simultaneously, encouraged user sign-ups for a cohesive strategy.
The strategy led to a significant uptick in app downloads, with 3,500 users benefiting. Emphasising sign-ups enhanced overall engagement. The landing page outperformed, amassing 4.6 million hits over 6 weeks, solidifying "12 Days of M&S" as a standout performer, and showcasing its resonance.
12 Days of M&S user flow 
Developing the "12 Days of M&S" user flow was instrumental in comprehending the customer journey, encompassing various touch-points and considerations. It was crucial to determine the specific stage at which the marketing page would play a role, ensuring seamless alignment of all elements.
Design System & Accessibility Checks
To maintain consistency and uphold high-quality standards in my work, I employ design system templates for acquisition pages. This approach minimises development time by enabling engineers to utilise reusable components. After completing the pages and undergoing the design critique process with the team, I ensured that accessibility, specifically the screen reading order, was integrated as part of the handover. Clear guidance on the focused order of the page was provided to ensure a seamless alignment with the engineers.
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