M&S Delivery Pass 
Subscription service 
The Team
Christian Mtima: Product designer
Karthik S: Senior Engineer 
Vinod K: Engineer 
Anjanaa N: Product Manager 
Acquiring 40k Delivery Pass customers with upfront annual payments, facing renewal and service functionality gaps, risking revenue loss and customer behaviour shifts. As the first subscription service of its kind within the business, there's a need to address critical aspects for successful scaling.
To scale, strategically place the Delivery Pass in the website/app, introducing crucial functionalities like renewals and cancellations. This approach avoids customer loss and ensures a robust solution for the first subscription service in M&S.
Delivery Pass MVP exceeded expectations with 5.7k customers in 3+ months. Positive impacts on customer behaviour include a 40% increase in shopping frequency and an estimated +14% gross sales benefit on M&S.com. Final profitability analysis pending, expected in Feb 2023. Renewal functionalities were crucial, especially with the first batch due for renewals in Q1 2023, mitigating the risk of losing valuable customers.
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